Proposers Day

The Government will hold two Proposer’s Days for the Advanced Tissue Biofabrication Manufacturing Innovation Institute (ATB-MII) on Friday, June 17, 2016 at the ANSER Conference Center located at 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia and Thursday, June 23, 2016 at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, 1415 N. Cherry Ave., Chicago, IL 60642.  The purpose of the Proposers’ Day is to familiarize potential proposers with the concept and vision for the ATB-MII and the associated technology needs.  These Proposers’ Days are for informational purposes only and attendance is not a prerequisite for submitting a proposal.  They will provide, however, a valuable opportunity for potential proposers to ask questions and receive answers about the solicitation.  Participation is voluntary.  There is no fee to attend.  The Government will not reimburse the attendees for any cost associated with participation.  In addition, the Government is under no obligation to award any related contract/agreement associated with this event. Questions and Answers from Proposers’ Day will be posted via an amended version of the Funding Opportunity Announcement and will also be posted on

The ATB-MII will bring together for-profit and nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and federal and state agencies to accelerate innovation by investing in industrially relevant manufacturing technologies with applications in the Tissue Biofabrication Ecosystem. This effort will provide support to help bridge the gap between basic/early research and product development by advancing and scaling critical technologies in the manufacturing readiness level 4 to 7 range.  The ATB MII will provide shared assets to help entities – particularly small manufacturers – access cutting-edge capabilities and equipment, creating an unparalleled environment to educate and train students and workers in Advanced Tissue Biofabrication skills.