Proposers Day

The Department of Defense, in cooperation with other Federal Agencies intends to support the establishment of a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute (FHE-MII) that will advance the state-of-the-art in the design, manufacturability, testing, assembly, and technology platform demonstration of complex flexible hybrid electronics on non-traditional conformal, bendable, stretchable, and foldable substrates. The FHE-MII is intended to advance the flexible hybrid electronics eco-system across small to large businesses (spanning supply chain, manufacturers, and end-users), academic institutions (to include 4-year institutions and community colleges, and k-12), and government laboratories and government mission programs. For the purpose of this program, flexible hybrid electronics implies:

  • "Flexible": final technology demonstrators, and to the extent necessary the integrated components, are mechanically compliant, such that the systems can conform, bend, stretch, or fold.
  • "Hybrid": disparate component electronic technologies not traditionally available for flexible systems, such as thinned dies processed from traditional foundries; foundry-based or processed passives, foundry-based or processed sensors, and power , are integrated through innovation of established processes such as; pick and place, printing, lithography, into a single and multilayer flexible architectures.
  • "Electronics": performance of the final technology platform demonstration derives from the integrated functionality of the various electronic components, including logic, communication, sensing, power, and memory.

The Department of Defense intends to conduct two Proposers’ Days on both the East Coast and West Coast for this solicitation:

Thursday, February 19, 2015 from 0830-1630 EST
Artisphere Spectrum Theater, 1611 Kent Street, Arlington VA 22215
Thursday, February 26, 2015, at 1300-1700 PST
Monterey Conference Center, 1 Portola Plaza, Monterey, CA 9394

The purpose of the Proposers’ Day is to familiarize potential proposers with the concept and vision for the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute (FHEMII) and the associated technology needs. This Proposers’ Day is for informational purposes only and attendance is not a prerequisite for submitting a proposal. It will provide, however, a valuable opportunity for potential proposers to ask questions and receive answers regarding the solicitation. Participation is voluntary. There is no fee to attend. The Government will not reimburse the attendees for any cost associated with participation. In addition, the Government is under no obligation to award any related contract/agreement associated with this event. Further details on this event can be found on Questions and Answers from Proposers’ Day will be posted via an amended version of the FOA and will also be posted on

Registration for these events will open midnight 30 January and close for the East Coast event on 16 February and for the West Coast event on 23 February

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